Ayahuasca and DMT Opens Portals to the Demonic

Jesus Truth Deliverance

spirit molecule2

I made this post in response to the fact several people have come to me for prayer have opened doors to the enemy via use of Ayahuesca or DMT.

The following is a pretty telling news report revealing the dangers of Ayahuasca:

Suicides, sects, murder and insanity: The disturbing truth about the trendy ‘spiritual’ hallucinogenic brew being taken by gap year backpackers in the Amazon (and even in British sitting rooms)

  • Ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic tea, draws tourists to South American retreats
  • It has even become popular at parties and cleansing weekends in the UK 
  • But two travellers have died after taking part in the ceremony since 2014
  • Brazilian families have come forward to share their own tales of horror
  • The tea is used by a religious sect, but many describe watching their loved ones descend into madness before killing themselves or simply vanishing

It is the mind-bending brew which has brought…

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