The First Apocalypse of James

The First Apocalypse of James

Jesus tells his younger brother James how to successfully resist the evil wrath of the Archons upon death.

Jesus explains, “Behold, I will reveal to you the manner of your redemption. When you undergo the pangs of death, demonic forces will come to seize you. When one of them asks you, ‘Who are you and where are you from?’ answer, ‘I am a son and I come from the Father.’
“When another of them says to you, ‘What kind of son are you and who is your Father?’ answer, ‘I am from the Father who existed before the beginning of time, and I was his son before time began.’
“When the next one says to you, ‘Why were you sent here?’ answer, ‘I came from eternity to learn to distinguish between the things that exist in spirit and those that exist in matter. But I have learned that matter actually exists in spirit, because it comes from the Mother, and the Mother abides in the Father. I call on the imperishable knowledge that is the Mother [here Jesus refers to the Jewish goddess Sophia] who abides eternally in the Father.’
“Then the demonic forces will release you and you will be free to ascend to the kingdom of light which is your own light.”

The Dialogue of the Savior

The disciples ask Jesus, “Who is the one who seeks and who is the one who reveals?” Jesus answers, “The one who seeks is the one who reveals. That for which you are seeking is within you.” He says again, “The living God dwells in you and you dwell in him.”
Matthew begs Jesus, “Please let me see that place of life where there is no evil, only pure light,” Jesus responds, “You can’t see that light as long as you remain in a body.” Matthew insists that he still wants to know the divine reality. Jesus answers, “Each one of you who has known himself has seen it.” “Whoever remains established in the state of truly knowing oneself will always spontaneously do the right thing at the right time.”

The Gospel of Truth

“Where there is conflict and desire there is deficiency, but where there is unity, there is perfection.”
“Deficiency arises when the Father is not known, but the instant the Father is known, deficiency ceases to exist. Just as darkness vanishes the very moment light shines, just as ignorance vanishes the very moment one acquires knowledge, in the same manner our sense of incompleteness vanishes instantly when we know the Father. This occurs when the separate forms we see before us vanish into unity. One attains this unity by purifying oneself till the sense of multiplicity dissolves. When unity is experienced, matter, darkness, and death disappear.”

“For those who do not know the Father, life is terrifying and unstable, full of doubt and discord. Yet all these things are illusions, sheer fictions, as if one is dreaming. But when those having these disturbing experiences awaken, they recognize that these events have no actual reality. Therefore those who are truly awake, having cast ignorance away like sleep, do not perceive the world as solid and substantial, but as a dream in the night. Knowledge of the Father they value like the rising sun.”

“This is the condition of those beings who have attained immeasurable greatness by reaching out toward the perfect, unitary Father. They do not experience purgatory-like states after death, nor during life do they feel sorrow or envy. There is no death in them, for they rest in the one unchanging being who is truly good, and who is the root of their own being. Never again will they experience loss. This is the condition of the blessed souls, yes, this is their place.”

The Treatise on Resurrection

“The world is an illusion! You yourself are not flesh but were given flesh when you entered this world.”
“Those who are living shall die.”
“When you flee from the sense of multiplicity and from the fetters which bind you, when the divine light flows down into your darkness, and the divine fullness pours into your deficiency, then you will realize that you are already resurrected.”

Dialogue of the Savior

“If a man establishes his soul in the heights, he will be exalted.”

Jesus Christ - First Apocalypse of James - Sirius Cyrus Dank MEME

Jesus and Black Satan painting.jpg

Matthew 4:1-11 (NIV) Bible
Jesus Is Tested in the Wilderness

4:1 Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted[a] by the devil. 2 After fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry. 3 The tempter came to him and said, “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.”

4 Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’[b]”

5 Then the devil took him to the holy city and had him stand on the highest point of the temple. 6 “If you are the Son of God,” he said, “throw yourself down. For it is written:

“‘He will command his angels concerning you,
and they will lift you up in their hands,
so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.’[c]”

7 Jesus answered him, “It is also written: ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test.’[d]”

8 Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. 9 “All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me.”

10 Jesus said to him, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.’[e]”

11 Then the devil left him, and angels came and attended him.

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