Temple of the Sacred Flame – The Great White Lodge of Light

Temple of the Sacred Flame

The Great White Lodge of Light

Ascended Master Teachings

Metaphysical / Gnostic / Hermetic / Kemetic / Theosophical Church of Alchemical Transformation

Welcome Home to all lovely ‘Lords and Ladies of the Flame’

You are your own Holiest Temple Home which contains within the Holy Eternal Sacred Flame of your own True Will and Divine Purpose.

You are the Holy Temple of your own Sacred Flame!

The Great White Lodge of Light has existed since the beginning of time. It is not a new lodge. It is not a made up lodge. It is not an imaginary lodge. And it is not some recent “New Age” catch phrase. Knowledge of The Great White Lodge was lost to the masses of Earth during the recent long Dark Age, during which time The Great White Lodge was known only to a few adepts and chelas working in secret and solitude to preserve the Light and Truth of The Lodge. But now that the Earth is rapidly emerging from the spiritual and intellectual slumbers of the long Dark Age, the knowledge, existence, and understanding of The Great White Lodge is rapidly coming to the masses of Earth once more, never to be lost again!

The Great White Lodge of Light is a fraternity of men and women dedicated to the universal spiritual upliftment of humanity. OUR chief desire is to preserve the lost teachings and spirit of the ancient religions and philosophies of the world.

Seek into the midnight fire
Behind the shroud of time and shadows
Where no assholes ever go
They can’t find
When they in truth
Do not seek
There you’ll find much
Most of all
Your self worth
The burning flame inside
A place not a place
That is worth any pain
To keep Burning

“There is no religion higher than Truth.”

  1. “To form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity, without distinction of ethnicity, race, creed, sex, orientation, caste or colour.”
  2.  “To encourage the study of Comparative Religion, Mysticism, Philosophy, Psychology and Science.”
  3. “To investigate the unexplained laws of Nature and Reality, and the Powers and Abilities latent in man.”

– Believe that nature and existence is composed of a living consciousness.

Three fundamental propositions expounded in The Secret Doctrine:

  1. That there is an omnipresent, eternal, boundless, and immutable reality of which spirit and matter are complementary aspects.
  2.  That there is a universal law of periodicity or evolution through cyclic change.
  3.  That all souls are identical with the universal oversoul which is itself an aspect of the unknown reality.

The White Lodge, The Great White Brotherhood of Light, or The Great Universal White Fraternity is formed by beings with positively awakened consciousness, in infinite degrees and hierarchies, depending on their work of interior purification, alchemical birth and sacrifice for humankind (they are called the Three Revolution of Consciousness Factors).

The Three Revolution of Consciousness Factors are:

  1. to die (elimination of the ego through mystical or psychological death)
  2.  to be born, through the practice of white tantrism, of holistic majick (alchemy)
  3. sacrifice for humanity, which is to teach the Three Revolution of Consciousness Factors to all interested people, asking absolutely nothing in exchange for it.

**WE are pledged to protect against systematic assaults against individual and group freedoms that inhibit the growth of self-knowledge and personal choice. And, most importantly, OUR mission is to reawaken the dormant ethical and spiritual spark that has almost disappeared among the masses.**

“WE are here to help….. I AM proud to be a catalyst to awaken those to a higher plane Consciousness….. WE are ALL here for a reason….. I AM a member of the family of light….. We honor life before anything else….. I AM making a difference….. WE have always existed….. I AM a Lightworker….. We cast aside darkness for a brighter future….. I AM living for a better tomorrow….. WE ARE the Bringers of the Dawn”

Divine Will of Life, Love, & Light!


Temple of the Sacred Flame – Facebook Page


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