Family Health and Wellness by Cyrus Azoth Dreifuz

Family Health and Wellness
by Cyrus Azoth Dreifuz

           Societal heath and illness starts within the home. Everyone should do their best to attempt to make great big healthy loving and caring relationships within their families. One of the biggest problems in this world is the dysfunction of the family unit and the household organizational structure. All ills within a society originate from ills within the home. The society is a larger version of the human family as a whole. So if a family is dysfunctional internally then that will reflect onto the society as a whole externally and that family will influence their relationship’s illnesses within their interactions with the rest of the citizens living within that society. So if the society is a larger version of the genetic family at home and if the families can’t function with each other amongst themselves then how are they going to function with all the rest of the families within a society as a whole? The society can’t function properly without the stability of the home. The idea of the family unit is dying in our western culture and it is time to resurrect this traditional spirit of building a functional family which the powers that be have been working to destroy through propaganda for several years now. The key is within the home. If you can make a good home then you can contribute to building a great nation.




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